Identify trends from your total retail ecosystem, with Reporting and Analytics

Seamlessly integrated with the Retail management suite and Enterprise Retail Solution, Our  Reporting & Analytics module delivers Business Intelligence reports that give you a 365° view of your enterprise to help you make critical business decisions.
Instantly generate customized reports or utilize 50+ pre-built reports with at-a-glance and drill-down views of your most important retail KPIs. Gain tactical insights to make faster and more effective decisions. Reporting and Analytics module can be viewed on-the-go from any iOS or Android device, giving your operations and leadership teams visibility into the sales and inventory data they need, when and where they need it. Knowledge is power. Put your data to work for you to make more informed decisions and optimize the success of your retail organization.

Knowledge is power

Using data to inform business decisions, means fewer knee jerk reactions and more certainty. Essential business intelligence is readily available through online dashboards, making it easy for your businesses to answer:

  • What are my best selling items?
  • Which items are gathering dust?
  • How often do my best customers buy?
  • What is the average transaction size?
  • How fast can we fulfill customer orders?
  • How many returns do we receive?
  • What can we do to keep customers in the long run?
  • How many orders are delivered without incident?
  • Why do my customers return their orders?

Enter The New Era of Retail Analytics

Learn why sales reporting is a must-have for any retailer in our free whitepaper, “Retail Analytics – The Perfect Business Enhancement.”

Why Retail Reporting & Analytics

  • Manage operations in all channels by exceptions and alerts to get straight to problem areas. No more wading through pages of reports to get to the real issues.
  • Access data immediately whether you are in the o ffice, in store, at home or on-the-go via any Android and iOS device or browser
  • Short-term: inventory turnover rates with alerts to avoid stock outs
  • Long-term: detailed analysis of retail transactional data for organizational planning
  • Historical retail data comparisons
  • Compare week-to-date, month-to-date, year-over-year or annualized data
  • Generate sales trends reports on SKU performance
  • Analyze non-performing products and vendors, and manage inventory accordingly
  • Analyze fixed, mobile POS and non-store transactions to identify loss prevention concerns and issues to address

Customizable to prevent stock-outs and inventory distortion

  • Drill-Down & Master Filtering
  • Display detailed information, or drill-up to view generalized data
  • Master filter supports Multiple and Single selection modes
  • View top-performing and non-performing stores
  • Evaluate individual products and promotions
  • Identify successes on an exception basis so that they can be replicated across all stores or channels
  • Use pre-built templates showing retail industry standard key performance indicators (KPIs) and focused analytics to identify successes and challenges quickly
  • Fast deployment, configuration and integration with your existing systems, giving a rapid return on investment

Powerful Analytics Technology

  • Sales (by channel, store, sales associate and transaction)
  • Margins and Promotions
  • Products and product groups
  • Basket and affinity analysis
  • Inventory consumption and status
  • Customers and customer segments
  • Payment methods and trends
  • Loss prevention alerts
  • Analysis by attributes
  • A comprehensive set of pre-packaged, customizable dashboards providing detailed key performance indicators and alerts across all operations and channels
  • A set of standard reports covering the common areas need to run retail operations effectively, which can be run to a schedule or on demand
  • An easy to use report writer so that users can develop their own simple reports without IT assistance
  • A full function report generator allowing more complex reports to be developed on an ad-hoc basis as needed, either by Power Users or IT staff
  • A query builder for ad hoc reporting and queries
  • A web viewer to allow reports to be viewed via a browser or on mobile devices
  • A report scheduler so that reports can be distributed to a pre-set timetable
  • SMS capability allowing authorized users to send a text message code which triggers the running of a suitably formatted report, with the results emailed to the requester’s mobile device
  • Dashboards
  • Report Writer for business users
  • Reports using Crystal Reports
  • Query Builder – for ad hoc reporting
  • Web Viewer for viewing dashboards on the Internet or mobile devices
  • Report scheduler to send standard reports on a predefined frequency

Reporting Capabilities

  • Custom Report Designer
  • Pre-built templates showing retail KPIs
  • Query Builder – for ad hoc reporting
  • Web Viewer for viewing dashboards and reports in a web browser on desktop or mobile devices
  • Report scheduler to send canned reports on a pre defined frequency

How Reporting & Analytics Module Works

Don’t let problems hang around. When something isn’t working, you need to know about it immediately and you need to know how to fix it. Proactive alerting, transaction analyses, and product analyses can give you that advantage and make your business more agile.

How can Retail Management Solution help?

Reporting & Analytics module  is a comprehensive suite of reporting and analysis capabilities including customizable dashboards and reports, to provide timely and actionable information to operations teams across channels.

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