Our Services

Our Services

Your business requires an information infrastructure that provides an overall view of your entire business operations, and monitors and manages information flow among business partners and customers, and responds to new demands from your customers and changes in your business.

With UROOS, we can help achieve your business objectives effectively while maximizing your returns on investment through the implementation of top tier business management applications.

In brief, UROOS services encompass the following applications :

  • Selection of business and financial software
  • Implementing financial systems
  • Programming system customizations


As a business leader in your industry, you are constantly assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of the current software solutions. Therefore, your business may require an infrastructure that provides an overall management of information and communication among stakeholders.


Training is an integral part of maximizing your organization’s investment in technology. Our consultants provide on-site training, telephone support and ongoing customer services reflection of our commitment to excellence and dedication to the business management systems of your company.

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